Mela Luna Sleep Review

What is MelaLuna Sleep Aid? An all-natural sleep aid supplement that may help you not only to fall asleep but stay asleep better all night.

Product Name: Mela Luna Sleep

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Mela Luna Sleep Review

The quality of melatonin is superior and it helps in regulating the body clock. Mela Luna also comes with a built-in relaxation mechanism. When you wake up from a good night sleep, the melatonin hormone is released in higher level so that you can experience a good night sleep and can start the day in a relaxed mood. Product Features: Mela Luna sleeps aid supplement has two innovative features that are very helpful for the sleeping process.

The research data clearly indicates that sleep disorders is a serious problem, which needs solving to prevent you from getting other issues with your health. Luckily, this problem can be solved. And what is even more noteworthy, it can be solved even for those having sleep disorders more serious than a mere lack of sleep. It’s well-known that sleep deprivation, in most cases, can be eliminated or prevented by simply adjusting your schedule and having enough physical activity during the day.

But what to do with other sleep disorders, for example, insomnia? While observing the right daily regimen is, by all means, necessary, in case of more serious sleep disorders using sleep normalizing products is the solution. Among such products, MelaLuna is one of the most effective and affordable. To learn why let’s get into some details.

What is Mela Luna Sleep?

Mela Luna Sleep Solution. If you are one among those millions who are facing the problem of sleeping then you should try Mela Luna Sleep Solution. This innovative product comes with two innovative features which are capable of giving you peaceful sleep at night. Product Description: Mela Luna sleeps solution is an innovative and advanced sleeping aid that includes melatonin, a natural herbal ingredient.

How Does Mela Luna Sleep Work?

It provides relief to people suffering from insomnia, depression and stress. Many people suffer from some sort of sleeping disorder due to which they are never able to sleep well. They remain awake all day long and this affects their efficiency at work. Mela Luna can help you overcome these problems and can provide you with a better quality of sleep. It promotes better sleep and reduces stress. Many studies have been conducted and the conclusion is that melatonin increases the production of serotonin, which is responsible for reducing stress and anxiety. As melatonin is an anti-stress hormone, it is effective at reducing stress related disorders like insomnia, depression and stress. By increasing the serotonin level, it helps in improving the sleep pattern and enables better sleeping.

It has shown positive results in improving daytime sleep patterns. People suffering from sleeping disorders like insomnia, jet lag, sleep apnea, etc. can benefit from taking this supplement. In fact melatonin has also been used in treating severe cases of depression as it enhances serotonin levels in the brain which is effective in reducing the symptoms of depression. This amazing supplement contains two ingredients which are very useful in treating sleep disorders. The first ingredient is theophylline, which is effective in relaxing the muscles responsible for airways thereby allowing you to sleep well. The second ingredient is bromelain which promotes better breathing which ultimately relaxes the airway. These two ingredients work together by promoting better blood circulation, which improves oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain which ultimately improve concentration.

Another great thing about this herbal supplement is that it also contains the powerful ingredient called Passion Flower. Passion flower is a natural sleeping aid and has been used by people all over the world since ages for treating insomnia. However, it was only in the last few years that melatonin was discovered. Passion flower is used as an energy drink during nights as it induces drowsiness and restlessness which are also symptoms of insomnia. Therefore it is believed that Passion Flower can also be an effective natural alternative to melatonin which acts as a natural sedative and sleep aid.

Mela Luna Sleep does have some natural competitors but it can surely claim to offer the best quality natural alternatives to insomnia treatments. There are plenty of other natural remedies and supplements available in the market, which claims to reduce stress and promote healthy sleeping habits. However, there are few products that can claim to do both. So if your mind is telling you to take some melatonin or take some of the other pills, then you can just go for Mela Luna Sleep.

Mela Luna Sleep Ingredients

MelaLuna is made of natural components aptly processed and blended in optimum concentrations to provide the best outcomes. Unlike medication, this sleep-normalizing therapy is a combination of organic nutrients, calming herbs, and vitamins without a pharmaceutical compounds included. Therefore, MelaLuna has its own ingredients clearly and publicly specified on the box, contrary to many goods on the market that hide their ingredients supporting Proprietary Blends and Know-how Compound phrases. The product Includes the following substances:


This hormone is largely released by the pineal gland in humans for sleep regulation. It’s included to modulate your adrenal cycle and improve the quality of your sleep. Melatonin is popular for this purpose because its efficiency is clinically proven.

Chamomile Flower

Chamomile flowers mainly consist of these polyphenol substances as apigenin, quercetin, patuletin, and luteolin. The blossoms are also the origin of such essential-oil components as terpenoids. There is an opinion that chamomile flowers can create an anti-anxiety effect and have the capacity to be used as an anti-insomnia therapy.

Passion Flower

Modern research indicates that lots of species of passionflowers or Passiflora include traces of beta-carboline harmala alkaloids, which are represented by harman, harmalol, harmine, and harmaline. Maypop (a member of the passionflower genus) leaves are widely known for being used as a natural remedy by native tribes of North America before being adopted by European colonists. In folk medicine, the flower is believed to have natural stimulant properties, which allows to use it as a remedy for insomnia and nervousness.

Valerian Extract

In valerian, these compounds were discovered that might be leading to its impact: alkaloids, isovaleric acid, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), and flavanones. These chemicals are considered to offer a relaxing effect of valerian and help normalize the sleep.


The main ingredient found in this supplement is the Valerian extract, which is commonly found in herbal medicine. The Valerian extract has the ability to induce relaxation and sedation. This leads to better concentration levels while you are asleep. When you are in deep sleep, most of the time your body undergoes a chemical reaction which results in making you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and full of energy. However, when you are asleep most of the chemicals and reactions are not fully undergone which makes you feel sluggish. Valerian extract can help you undergo the whole waking process which helps improve mental clarity and better alertness.

So does Mela Luna sleep well? Mela Luna Sleep can definitely improve mental clarity, drowsiness and general alertness. It can also relieve you from stress and reduce your dependence on various medications. Moreover, it can also help you sleep well and get a good night’s rest. Stress has been one of the main causes for sleeplessness and other sleeping disorders. Mela luna sleep aid can help you combat the effects of stress and reduce its effects to a great extent. In fact, it has also been proven by medical research that it is one of the most effective ways to fight stress and insomnia.

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